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[Pinned] Application Template

Character NameClass / Race / LevelProfessionsRaiding Talent Tree (Use your gear / Link Kronos Armory ProfileProvide a screenshot of your UI in a Party or Raid EnvironmentRaid AttunementsRaiding Experien...
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[Pinned] Read This Before Applying

Hello,Thank you for considering to apply for the <Dank Budz Collective> GuildWe established this guild on day one of the Nostalrius server and raided until the day that Nostalrius was shut down.We have now moved to the Kronos server, and wit...
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Rogue application

Character Name - CeeunexttineClass / Race / Level - Rogue/Undead/60Professions - Enchanting/EngineeringRaiding Talent Tree - your gear -
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Mage - App

Character Name: NimkiClass / Race / Level: Mage/Undead/60Professions: enchanting / 300 herbalism. Will be dropping enchanting shortly for engineering (again)Raiding Talent Tree: [url=] (can run...
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Character Name : VargurkrClass / Race / Level: Mage / Undead / lvl 1337
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MerkedRogue / undead ofc / 60 Engy, Herb a screenshot of your UI in a Party or Raid Environmentmc, ony, bwlwotlk,...
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Dopeheals, restro sham. pre raid+ I'm already in the guild lmao
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Combat Rogue Application

Character NameSidetrackClass / Race / LevelRogue/Undead/60ProfessionsEngi/MiningRaiding Talent Tree (Use your gear / Link Kronos Armory Profilehttp:...
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Swiftbladez APP

Character Name SwiftbladezClass / Race / Level I am a 60 undead rogueProfessions enchanting / skinningRaiding Talent Tree (Use spec / daggers what ever you guys need very easyDescribe your gear / Link K...
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You better

I better see some of your faces that I know when the elysium nost merge happens! Whats dank will never die right? ;)Oh man I'm hyped as fuck, it's lit fam.
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Accepted for Trial - Eone / Rogue / 60

Character Name: EoneClass / Race / Level Rogue / Night Elf / 60ProfessionsAlchemy / Herbalism / First Aid / Cooking / FishingRaiding Talent Tree your gear / Link Kronos Armory Pro...
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Accepted for Trial - Azenoth / Priest / 60

Character Name: AzenothClass / Race / Level: Priest / human / 60Professions: Herb / AlchemyRaiding Talent Tree (Use your gear / Link Kronos Armory Pro...
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Declined - Kururi / 60 Rogue / 60 Priest

Character NamekururihealzalotClass / Race / LevelRogue/Human/60Priest/Human/60ProfessionsMining/SkinningHerbalist/AlchemyRaiding Talent Tree (Current Talents)Holy SPECDescribe your gear / Link ...
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