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[Pinned] Class Guides

[Pinned] Class Guides

The following is a list of Class Guides for Each Class. These contain Permissible Talent Trees and Required Consumables for Each ClassAmount of Consumables RequiredFor Progression Raiding - For Each Day of Raiding, Everyone should have at least 1 ...
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AQ40 BiS Rogue Thread by insec

Required Progression Night Consumables20 x Frost Oil40 x Elixir of the Mongoose 60 x Juju Might/Elixir of Giants 60 x Juju Power20 x LIMITED INVULN POTS + 20 x FAPSX Amount of poisons/Flashpowder/Thistle tee (Should never run out of those)Ground S...
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Insec510737Small Insec 5y

Shadowcuck Gear Cheat Sheet

If any of you are filled with enough self-loathing to make a shadow priest, I put together a nice gear prio spreadsheet that you can make use of.A couple things of note:- Just about every dungeon blue with hit on it, doesn't yet have hit (that doe...
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Raider Gear Sheet

Warlock / Mage / Shadow PriestLink to spreadsheet below:Gear SheetI made this for myself, word got out and other peoplewanted access to it. So here it is! Currently made for raiders only.If something is incorrect please let me know! I tookinformat...
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Shaman class spreadsheet

Accidently double posted this earlier, hopefully this works. Ive grown tired of linking it to everyone before every single raid, so here is the shaman class spreadsheet
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AQ40 DPS warrior shared items

T2.5 set itemsConqueror's SpauldersShared with: Rogue, Hunter, Priest (via Token)Reasoning: BIS possibly for the rest of the game. The combination of good stats with a super rare (for shoulders) +hit modifier makes this item extremely valuable. Us...
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Resistance Gear for Tanks

Fire ResistanceNature ResistanceFrost Resistance
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Ycb's Threat Guide

Warrior Threat Guide (By Ycbshadow) When to use Threat GearThreat gear should be used in any situation where you do not otherwise need to wear Resistanc...
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Healing philosophy/methodology.

I thought it would be a good idea to talk about an overall healing philosophy (With an emphasis on the shaman class). Healing can be quantified in two different ways, total healing output and mana efficiency. Of course the trick is balancing...
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Cirks' Fastcast

Cirks' Fastcast"Fast casting allows you to automatically stop casting your current spell early and start casting a new one in such a way that the first spell is still cast successfully.Instant cast spells are not affected by fast casting."You migh...
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Tank Buddy

Tank BuddyType /tb or /tankbuddy to open the config menu.
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Dagger Rogues

It's no secret our drop rate for Daggers have been pretty abysmal and since the majority of us want to go Daggers here are the #'s comparing 2 very similar Mainhand Daggers. Perdition's off of Rag and Dragonfang Blade off of Vael.Lets do some quic...
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