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[Pinned] Blackwing Lair Strategies Megathread (PLEASE READ)

This thread contains strategies and videos for all of the bosses and trash pulls in BWL.Please read through this and familiarize yourself with the BWL encounters.Feel free to add comments to this thread if you have additional points to add for any...
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Loot ID's: Blacklists and Acceptables.

**Disclaimer** The term "Blacklisted" that follows does not refer to anyone being blacklisted from a raid in case for some reason you think that cuz you can't read or grasp simple concepts. You are a retard. It is only reffering to people that can...
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AQ 40 Boss Video

This is a nice straight to the point video of all the bosses in AQ40 (by <Judgement> of Feenix>)This video can help you familiarize yourself with the bosses, and is also quite entertaining
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AQ40 Rogue, Hunter and DPS Warrior NR and Soak Gear

For Princess Huhuran, the closest 15 players are used as "Soakers" at 30% to dead. such, you need to be NR CAPPED. Gimping your stats so that you survive. Your damage will be low on this fight co...
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AQ 20 Boss Guides

Dank Budz AQ 20 BossesKurrinax (Video: 10% Mortal Strike Debuff (Swap at 3-5 Stacks)-Move out of sandtraps before they explode (Everyone needs to spread out a lot)-30% EnrageGeneral Raja...
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Silithus: The Twilight Cult and Cenarion Circle

All You Wanted To Know And More about Patch 1.8 and Silithus!The following will be an extensive post regarding the new additions, world mechanics, loot opportunities and reps with the 1.8 Patch drop for Nostalrius. This post will NOT cover the Lo...
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Debuff slot allocation for progression

As we all know, with 16 debuff slots, we relaxed on what to actually have on a boss during a fight. That being said, I think it's benefitial to actually count up how much spots we have for "meme" debuffs.This is my interpretation for required debu...
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ZG Enchants and You

ZG Enchants!This will be a fairly lengthy post that outlines the details of all the soon-to-be available Zul'Gurub Enchants.Many of you may be aware of the Primal Hakkari Idol and that using this and your Class Voodoo Doll would be handed in for y...
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Onyxia Lockout Schedule

'Bonus Onyxia Lockout's' can only occur on weekdays, seeing as how our raid nights are on the weekend.'Double Onyxia Weekend' indicates a weekend which allows us to get an Onyxia lockout on both Saturday and Sunday.Specific raid dates and times fo...
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Logistics Task Briefing - AQ Patch Horde Item Preparation

I went through the database and picked the items you need to attain to complete said Logistics Task quests one time to attain your tokens, this applies to Horde only as Alliance have differing items to turn in for several of the quests. I made thi...
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Chromaggus - Debuff Handling

Chromaggus generously hands out a plethora of debuffs throughout the fight so a coherent (and hopefully not overly complicated) plan on how to handle them is required. All of this has been discussed at length over the past few days with numerous h...
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Ez Onyxia (melee DPS tips)

This is mainly to address the problems in Phase 3 of the 20-man Onyxia's. Tip 1: Download .This is a basic enemy castbar that will show you Wing Buffets(and other enemy casts). Wing Buffet is a 1 secon...
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DM Buff's before Raid

So every week we're going to try and get a Tribute run going about an hour-ish before the raid invites go out. This obviously isn't mandatory, just for whoever wants the DM buffs. Fly down to feralas > Wait outside DM North instance> Enter w...
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